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Welcome to Pawnee City, Nebraska!  We proudly claim to be the only "Pawnee City" in the United States.  Located straight south of Omaha, Pawnee City is eight miles from the Kansas state line, and just a two-hour drive from Kansas City.  Named for the Pawnee Indians that crossed the county in the early days, the picturesque area lays amid gently rolling hills and the smooth flowing contours of farmland.  Some of the most beautiful scenery in the Midwest, and some of the best deer, wild turkey, pheasant and quail hunting can be found here.

Pawnee City is the county seat of Pawnee County, and is a town rich in history. Fifty-six properties, including the business district, are on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Although a fire burned down 2/3 of the downtown in 1881, rebuilding started immediately, and the town soon sported 28 new buildings and continued to grow.  Nearly everything was rebuilt of brick in the Italiante Style and there are still many good examples of major architectural styles popular during the Victorian Period in the downtown area. Six blocks of the historic business district have Victorian lighting as they did in the early 1900's. Chirping sparrows in the cornice work of the historic store fronts attest to the pride of ownership and fierce determination of our early businessmen. Today this attitude is mirrored as the community works to maintain and expand in the uncertainties of the rural and national economy.


A major employer in Pawnee City is Alphia. Alphia is a valuable addition to the economic growth in this area.


Pawnee City is filled with trees and nice homes with well-kept gardens and yards, but our people make the difference here. We are as independent and proud as the early settlers, yet few towns will enjoy the caring and kindness that our people show

towards each other.  Our town combines a unique balance of young families, energetic business people, active civic

organizations, and retired citizens. Committed to the progressive development of the community, we look forward to

welcoming you!


Pawnee City is the proud hometown of Dan Whitney, aka    "Larry the Cable Guy" jm

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