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Pawnee City Public Schools is a PreK-12 public school system located in the county
seat of Pawnee County. This community of approximately 900 is primarily an
agricultural area with one main industry within the city limits. The school has a
faculty of 31 educators, ten para-educators, three secretaries, 5 bus drivers and
two administrators serving a PreK-12 student body of approximately 300 students. The
students at Pawnee Public Schools have the opportunity to obtain college credit
(Peru State College) for Calculus, English, and Accounting. Continuing education for
faculty and staff is encouraged by the administration. To ensure educational goals
for the district are met, faculty members are involved in the following committees:
Continuous School Improvement, Language Arts Standards, Mathematics Standards,
Science Standards, Social Studies Standards, School Safety, Technology, Data Team,
and Asthma Response Team.

THE PAWNEE CITY PUBLIC LIBRARY was first built and furnished in 1908 with the help of Andrew Carnegie.  A new handicapped-accessible facility was completed in 2012, and serves not only Pawnee City but the surrounding county and nearby towns as well.  The library provides free service to both adults and children, and offers videocassettes, tax forms, book loans, computer use, and a meeting room.    

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